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@ Brawlers

  • Strathcona Park SW 857 Malkin Avenue Vancouver, BC, V6A 2K5 Canada (map)
East Van Black Sox at Clark Park Brawlers
Jun 17, 2017123456789RHE
East Van Black Sox (2-4)10051007102
Clark Park Brawlers (2-6)10010518122
W: B. Flad L: A. Sinclair
Scoring Summary
SOX1S. Condon singles to CF. M. McDiarmid scores on throw10
CP1J. Wong singles to CF. B. Flad scores11
SOX4S. Condon singles to SS. M. McDiarmid scores21
SOX4T. Mounteney singles to CF. S. Condon scores31
SOX4A. Sinclair singles to CF. T. Mounteney scores, S. Elbe scores51
SOX4D. Mackay singles to CF. A. Sinclair scores61
CP4R. Culley sacrifice fly to LF. M. Sussman scores62
SOX5A. Resto steals home72
CP6M. Lottridge singles to CF. M. Sussman scores73
CP6R. Culley walks. J. Wong scores74
CP6A. Harrison hit by pitch. K. Harvey scores75
CP6K. Ford singles to CF. M. Lottridge scores76
CP6T. Loh walks. R. Culley scores77
CP7K. Harvey singles to SS. B. Flad scores78
East Van Black Sox
M. McDiarmid3210000.333
S. Condon3122010.667
T. Mounteney3111020.333
S. Elbe3110000.333
A. Sinclair3112010.333
P. Plett2000010.000
D. Mackay2011000.500
A. Resto2110000.500
J. Harrison20200001.000
A. Smith2000000.000
M. Porter1000110.000
G. Bean2000000.000
J. June1000100.000
D. McEwen2000000.000
2B: M. McDiarmid
RBI: S. Condon 2, T. Mounteney, D. Mackay, A. Sinclair 2
SB: J. Harrison, S. Condon, A. Resto 2, D. McEwen, A. Sinclair 2
Clark Park Brawlers
C. Callaghan3000120.000
B. Wilson4000010.000
B. Flad4210010.250
M. Sussman42400001.000
J. Wong3121000.667
K. Harvey21212001.000
M. Lottridge3111010.333
R. Culley1102110.000
A. Harrison1001000.000
K. Ford3011000.333
T. Loh2011100.500
HBP: J. Wong, A. Harrison 2
SF: R. Culley
RBI: J. Wong, M. Lottridge, R. Culley 2, A. Harrison, K. Ford, K. Harvey, T. Loh
SB: B. Flad, J. Wong
East Van Black Sox
S. Elbe3.04111201.67
M. McDiarmid1.02111103.00
A. Smith1.12542103.00
A. Sinclair0.24111207.50
HBP: M. McDiarmid, A. Smith, A. Sinclair
Clark Park Brawlers
T. Loh3.02101200.00
C. Callaghan1.286601025.20
B. Flad2.00001300.00
WP: T. Loh
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