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VS Brawlers

  • Gordon Park SE 6775 Commercial Street Vancouver, BC, V5P 3P5 Canada (map)
Clark Park Brawlers at East Van Black Sox
Jul 22, 2017123456789RHE
Clark Park Brawlers (4-10)2003020796
East Van Black Sox (8-7)553200x15159
W: S. Elbe L: T. Loh
Scoring Summary
CP1B. Wilson singles to CF. H. Abreu scores, B. Flad scores20
SOX1A. Resto singles to CF. M. McDiarmid scores21
SOX1S. Elbe singles to CF. A. Resto scores22
SOX1A Smith reaches on error. S. Elbe scores23
SOX1D. McEwen scores on passed ball24
SOX1Ringer 1 singles to CF. A. Smith scores25
SOX2A. Resto reaches on error. Ringer 2 scores26
SOX2S. Elbe singles to CF. M. McDiarmid scores, A. Resto scores28
SOX2A. Smith reaches on error. S. Elbe scores, D. McEwen scores210
SOX3Ringer 1 reaches on error. M. Porter scores211
SOX3Ringer 2 homers to RF. Ringer 1 scores213
CP4H. Abreu reaches on error. Ringer 1 scores313
CP4B. Flad singles to CF. Ringer 2 scores413
CP4K. Ford singles to 1B. H. Abreu scores513
SOX4S. Condon triples to CF. A. Smith scores514
SOX4Ringer 1 singles to 1B. S. Condon scores515
CP6M. Lottridge singles to 3B. B. Flad scores, K. Ford scores715
Clark Park Brawlers
T. Loh5000000.000
H. Abreu5210000.200
B. Flad4221000.500
M. Sussman5020010.400
K. Ford4121020.500
B. Wilson3012020.333
M. Lottridge3012120.333
Ringer 12100220.000
Ringer 23100000.000
HBP: B. Flad, B. Wilson, Ringer 2
RBI: B. Flad, M. Lottridge 2, K. Ford, B. Wilson 2
CS: M. Lottridge
East Van Black Sox
M. McDiarmid4220000.500
R. Karnick1000000.000
A. Resto4222000.500
S. Elbe4223000.500
D. McEwen4220010.500
A. Smith4223000.500
S. Condon3111100.333
M. Porter4110020.250
Ringer 14123010.500
Ringer 22212111.500
2B: D. McEwen
3B: S. Condon
HR: Ringer 2
RBI: A. Smith 3, A. Resto 2, Ringer 1 3, Ringer 2 2, S. Condon, S. Elbe 3
SB: A. Resto, D. McEwen, M. Porter 2, M. McDiarmid 3, Ringer 2, S. Elbe
Clark Park Brawlers
T. Loh1.21113622125.20
K. Ford2.03220207.00
B. Flad1.01000100.00
East Van Black Sox
S. Elbe3.04220604.67
Ringer 21.02311207.00
M. McDiarmid1.00002000.00
A. Smith2.03220107.00
HBP: A. Smith, Ringer 2, S. Elbe
WP: Ringer 2
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