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@ Murder

  • Sunrise Park 1950 Windermere Street Vancouver, BC, V5M 3R2 Canada (map)
East Van Black Sox at Mt. Pleasant Murder
Jul 8, 2017123456789RHE
East Van Black Sox (5-6)10140309104
Mt. Pleasant Murder (8-2)305012x11112
W: A. Cherry L: J. McBride S: M. Jorgenson
Scoring Summary
SOX1M. McDiarmid grounds out to SS. A. Resto scores10
MT1G. Robinson sacrifice flies to RF. C. Bown scores11
MT1M. Jorgenson singles to RF. A. Cherry scores12
MT1M. Jorgenson scores on passed ball13
SOX3C. Cullen walks. R. Karnick scores23
MT3G. Robinson singles to RF. A. Cherry scores24
MT3J. Lemay singles to SS. G. Robinson scores25
MT3M. Jorgenson scores on error26
MT3R. West singles to LF. J. Lemay scores27
MT3R. West scores on passed ball28
SOX4D. Mackay singles to SS. J. McBride scores38
SOX4R. Karnick reaches on error. M. McDiarmid scores48
SOX4S. Elbe singles to CF. D. Mackay scores, R. Karnick scores68
MT5J. Lemay singles to LF. M. Jorgenson scores69
SOX6D. Mackay singles to SS. J. McBride scores79
SOX6S. Elbe singles to CF. D. Mackay scores89
SOX6R. Karnick scores on passed ball99
MT6C. Bown doubles to RF. R. Ruin scores, R. Boily scores911
East Van Black Sox
A. Resto4110110.250
J. McBride4220000.500
M. McDiarmid4111010.250
D. Mackay32321001.000
R. Karnick2300200.000
S. Elbe3023000.667
P. Plett3010010.333
C. Cullen3001120.000
A. Smith3000110.000
M. Porter4000040.000
HBP: P. Plett, S. Elbe
RBI: C. Cullen, D. Mackay 2, M. McDiarmid, S. Elbe 3
SB: A. Smith, D. Mackay 3, J. McBride, P. Plett 2, R. Karnick
Mt. Pleasant Murder
C. Bown3122100.667
A. Cherry3210110.333
G. Robinson3122000.667
M. Jorgenson3321100.667
J. Lemay3122010.667
J. Jorgenson3000030.000
R. West3111010.333
R. Ruin3110000.333
H. Fenton2000110.000
R. Boily2100110.000
2B: C. Bown
SF: G. Robinson
RBI: G. Robinson 2, M. Jorgenson, C. Bown 2, R. West, J. Lemay 2
SB: G. Robinson, M. Jorgenson 2, R. Ruin, C. Bown, H. Fenton, R. West, J. Lemay, A. Cherry 2
Picked Off: H. Fenton
East Van Black Sox
S. Elbe2.278514013.13
A. Smith1.00002100.00
J. McBride2.043323010.50
WP: S. Elbe
Mt. Pleasant Murder
R. Ruin3.03225104.67
A. Cherry3.07731607.00
M. Jorgenson1.00000300.00
HBP: R. Ruin 2
WP: R. Ruin
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