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@ Brawlers

  • Gordon SE 6675 Commercial Street Vancouver, BC, V5P 3P5 Canada (map)
Sunrise Cosmos at Clark Park Brawlers
May 27, 2017123456789RHE
Sunrise Cosmos (2-3)433240016182
Clark Park Brawlers (0-4)00052018103
W: S. Fogden L: M. Sutherland
Scoring Summary
COS1S. Fogden singles to LF. S. Newton scores10
COS1M. Newton singles to CF. K. Fogden scores20
COS1B. Dyck singles to RF. S. Fogden scores, M. Newton scores40
COS2Y. Nakamura scores on passed ball50
COS2N. Madill singles to LF. J. Siddall scores, P. Lapchinski scores70
COS3B. Dyck doubles to RF. N. Grant scores, M. Newton scores90
COS3C. Overgaauw singles to RF. B. Dyck scores100
COS4N. Madill singles to P. S. Michoulas scores110
COS4S. Newton singles to 2B. P. Lapchinski scores120
CP4C. Callahan walks. M. Lottridge scores121
CP4H. Abreu is hit by pitch. K. Ford scores122
CP4J. Wong walks. B. Wilson scores123
CP4B. Flad doubles to LF. C. Callagahn scores, H. Abreu scores125
COS5M. Newton grounds out to 2B. N. Grant scores135
COS5S. Fogden scores on passed ball145
COS5S. Michoulas singles to SS. C. Overgaauw scores155
COS5Y. Nakamura scores on error165
CP5K. Harvey grounds out to SS. M. Sutherland scores166
CP5R. Culley singles to P. A Harrison scores167
CP7M. Sutherland singles to SS. J. Wong scores168
Sunrise Cosmos
S. Newton4121010.500
K. Fogden4110010.250
N. Grant2200120.000
S. Fogden4231000.750
M. Newton4222010.500
B. Dyck4134000.750
C. Overgaauw3111110.333
Y. Nakamura22201001.000
J. Siddall1100210.000
S. Michoulas3121010.667
P. Lapchinski0200200.000
G. Harris3000020.000
N. Madill3023000.667
2B: B. Dyck, M. Newton
HBP: N. Grant, P. Lapchinski
RBI: B. Dyck 4, S. Fogden, N. Madill 3, S. Michoulas, M. Newton 2, S. Newton, C. Overgaauw
SB: B. Dyck, S. Fogden 2, N. Grant, P. Lapchinski 2, M. Newton, C. Overgaauw, J. Siddall
Clark Park Brawlers
C. Callaghan2101120.000
H. Abreu1101100.000
J. Wong2111110.500
M. Sussman2010100.500
B. Flad3012020.333
M. Sutherland31310001.000
K. Harvey3001020.000
T. LeGear1000100.000
A. Harrison1100110.000
S. Mason2010000.500
C. Mizzoni2010000.500
R. Culley2011010.500
M. Lottridge2110010.500
T. Loh1000100.000
K. Ford0100100.000
B. Wilson1100010.000
2B: B. Flad
3B: M. Sutherland
HBP: H. Abreu, K. Ford, B. Wilson
RBI: H. Abreu, B. Flad 2, J. Wong, R. Culley, C. Callaghan, M. Sutherland, K. Harvey
CS: T. Loh
Sunrise Cosmos
S. Fogden3.02001601.00
C. Overgaauw0.11552009.00
K. Fogden1.152211010.50
M. Newton2.02104403.00
HBP: C. Overgaauw 3
WP: M. Newton
Clark Park Brawlers
B. Flad2.077714024.50
M. Sutherland2.075522017.50
T. Loh1.024440028.00
T. LeGear2.02000401.00
HBP: B. Flad, T. Loh
WP: M. Sutherland
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