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VS Stilettos

  • Sunrise Park 1950 Windermere Street Vancouver, BC, V5M 3R2 Canada (map)
Sunset Stilettos at Gastown Gaolers
Jun 27, 2017123456789RHE
Sunset Stilettos (0-10)012112310160
Gastown Gaolers (4-6)101232211111
W: D. McVeigh L: B. Nelms
Scoring Summary
GAS1D. McVeigh homers to LF01
SET1J. Lawley singles to SS. J. Smiglicki scores11
SET3L. Botteron singles to P. M. Serrano scores, S. Wills scores31
GAS3M. Fournier singles to 2B. M. Thrift (R) scores32
SET4J. Lawley walks. J. Green scores42
GAS4J. Sahlin singles to SS. D. McVeigh scores43
GAS4J. Sahlin scores on wild pitch44
SET5D. Fournier singles to 1B. S. Wills scores54
GAS5G. Bardwell scores on passed ball55
GAS5M. Undem scores on throw56
GAS5M. Thrift (R) scores on wild pitch57
SET6J. Smiglicki grounds out to 2B. C. Lambert-Brown scores67
SET6T. Gillespie singles to 2B. B. Nelms scores77
GAS6D. McVeigh scores on passed ball78
GAS6F. Snelgrove singles to CF. J. Sahlin scores79
SET7D. Fournier singles to P. M. Watkins scores89
SET7J. Green doubles to LF. D. Fournier scores, L. Botteron scores109
GAS7M. Fournier doubles to 2B. A. Dunbar scores, M. Thrift (R) scores1011
Sunset Stilettos
D. Fournier31320001.000
M. Watkins0100000.000
L. Botteron31320001.000
A. Solomonian3010010.333
J. Green3112120.333
C. Lambert-Brown3110120.333
B. Nelms2100020.000
J. Smiglicki3111010.333
J. Lawley2012110.500
T. Gillespie3011020.333
M. Serrano3110020.333
S. Wills3220000.667
M. Tenute3010020.333
2B: J. Green
HBP: L. Botteron, B. Nelms, D. Fournier 2
RBI: J. Lawley 2, J. Green 2, T. Gillespie, J. Smiglicki, L. Botteron 2, D. Fournier 2
SB: J. Lawley, S. Wills, L. Botteron, D. Fournier 4
CS: M. Tenute, J. Lawley, C. Lambert-Brown
Gastown Gaolers
J. Lemay3000030.000
R. Hess2000110.000
D. McVeigh33310011.000
J. Sahlin32310001.000
S. Williamson3000010.000
S. Syskaksis2000010.000
F. Snelgrove3021000.667
G. Bardwell2110110.500
M. Undem2100110.000
A. Dunbar1100110.000
M. Thrift (R)0300300.000
L. Siggers (R)1000110.000
M. Fournier20231001.000
2B: M. Fournier, F. Snelgrove, D. McVeigh, J. Sahlin
HBP: S. Syskaksis, A. Dunbar, L. Siggers (R)
HR: D. McVeigh
RBI: M. Fournier 3, F. Snelgrove, D. McVeigh, J. Sahlin
SB: M. Undem, J. Sahlin, G. Bardwell, A. Dunbar, M. Thrift (R)
CS: A. Dunbar
Sunset Stilettos
C. Lambert-Brown3.05443819.33
D. Fournier2.025561017.50
B. Nelms1.042201014.00
HBP: C. Lambert-Brown, D. Fournier 2
WP: C. Lambert-Brown 2, D. Fournier 3
Gastown Gaolers
J. Sahlin3.05330707.00
M. Fournier2.05222507.00
D. McVeigh2.065513017.50
HBP: D. McVeigh 2, J. Sahlin 2
WP: D. McVeigh, J. Sahlin
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