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@ Murder

  • Strathcona Park SW 857 Malkin Avenue Vancouver, BC, V6A 2K5 Canada (map)
Vancouver Isotopes at Mt. Pleasant Murder
Apr 23, 2017123456789RHE
Vancouver Isotopes (0-1)205001x873
Mt. Pleasant Murder (1-0)00234xx934
W: M. Jorgenson L: R. Lowe
Scoring Summary
ISO1A. Williamson doubles to RF. R. Gauthier scores10
ISO1B. McConnell triples to LF. A. Williamson scores20
ISO3K. Sheldan singles to LF. D. Hossack scores30
ISO3R. Gauthier reaches on error. K. Sheldan scores40
ISO3A. Williamson doubles to CF. R. Gauthier scores50
ISO3B. McConnell grounds out to 2B. A. Williamson scores60
ISO3R. Lowe scores on error70
MT3J. Lemay reaches on error. R. Pernsky scores71
MT3C. Prowse walks. C. Preston scores72
MT4M. Jorgenson scores on error73
MT4C. Bown reaches on error. G. Robinson scores74
MT4H. Fenton hit by pitch. R. Boily scores75
MT5G. Robinson hit by pitch. C. Prowse scores76
MT5C. Bown walks. A. Cherry scores77
MT5R. Pernsky reaches on a dropped 3rd strike. M. Jorgenson scores78
MT5C. Preston hit by pitch. G. Robinson scores79
ISO6R. Gauthier scores on error89
Vancouver Isotopes
R. Gauthier3321000.667
A. Williamson3222000.667
R. Lowe1100200.000
B. McConnell3012010.333
D. Edwards2000120.000
J. White1000110.000
J. Wheeler3000010.000
M. Hagarty2000010.000
A. Pederson2000020.000
G. Beamish1000110.000
D. Hossack2110010.500
K. Sheldan11110001.000
2B: D. Hossack, A. Williamson 2, R. Gauthier
3B: B. McConnell
RBI: B. McConnell 2, A. Williamson 2, K. Sheldan, R. Gauthier
HBP: J. White
SB: J. White, R. Gauthier, K. Sheldan, D. Edwards, R. Lowe 2, A. Williamson
CS: G. Beamish
Mt. Pleasant Murder
J. Lemay3000000.000
C. Prowse11112001.000
A. Cherry3110020.333
M. Jorgenson1200100.000
G. Robinson1201100.000
R. Boily2100110.000
C. Bown2002100.000
R. Pernsky2101120.000
C. Preston11111001.000
R. West3000030.000
H. Fenton1001010.000
J. Jorgenson1000110.000
2B: A. Cherry
RBI: G. Robinson, C. Preston, R. Pernsky, C. Bown 2, H. Fenton, C. Prowse
HBP: G. Robinson, C. Preston, M. Jorgenson, H. Fenton
SB: G. Robinson, M. Jorgenson, C. Bown, R. Boily
Vancouver Isotopes
R. Gauthier3.02203400.00
A. Williamson1.00313309.00
R. Lowe1.014233018.00
HBP: R. Lowe 2, A. Williamson 2
WP: R. Lowe, R. Gauthier
Mt. Pleasant Murder
R. Pernsky2.267414013.50
M. Jorgenson3.01114603.00
HBP: M. Jorgenson
WP: M. Jorgenson 2
Later Event: April 29
@ Stevedores