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VS Gaolers

  • Strathcona Park SW 857 Malkin Avenue Vancouver, BC, V6A 2K5 Canada (map)
Gastown Gaolers at Mt. Pleasant Murder
Jul 1, 2017123456789RHE
Gastown Gaolers (4-7)2030010687
Mt. Pleasant Murder (7-2)000505x10122
W: M. Jorgenson L: R. Hess
Scoring Summary
GAS1D. McVeigh grounds out to SS. R. Hess scores10
GAS1S. Syskaksis reaches on error. D. McVeigh scores20
GAS3D. McVeigh triples to CF. T. Kuo scores, R. Hess scores, S. Williamson scores50
MT4C. Prowse triples to CF. C. Bown scores51
MT4G. Robinson reaches on error. C. Prowse scores52
MT4J. Lemay reaches on error. G. Robinson scores, M. Jorgenson scores54
MT4J. Ardanaz scores on error55
GAS6D. McVeigh scores on error65
MT6C. Bown reaches on error. R. Boily scores66
MT6C. Prowse doubles to CF. C. Bown scores67
MT6G. Robinson homers to RF. C. Prowse scores69
MT6J. Ardanaz singles to CF. M. Jorgenson scores610
Gastown Gaolers
T. Kuo4110010.250
R. Hess3220010.667
S. Williamson3120000.667
D. McVeigh3224000.667
S. Syskaksis2000010.000
M. Undem3000030.000
A. Dunbar3000030.000
D. Kandal (R)3000030.000
L. Siggers (R)3010010.333
E. Wansbrough (R)3000020.000
2B: L/ Siggers (R)
3B: D. McVeigh
HBP: S. Syskaksis
RBI: D. McVeigh 4
SB: S. Syskaksis, D. McVeigh
Mt. Pleasant Murder
C. Bown3221000.667
C. Prowse3222000.667
G. Robinson3213001.333
M. Jorgenson3220000.667
J. Ardanaz2111010.500
R. West2010010.500
J. Lemay2010000.500
J. Jorgenson2000020.000
A. Cherry10101001.000
R. Ruin2000010.000
H. Fenton2000010.000
R. Boily1100110.000
C. Raffin2010000.500
2B: M. Jorgenson, C. Bown, J. Lemay, C. Prowse, C. Raffin
3B: C. Prowse
HR: G. Robinson
HBP: J. Ardanaz
RBI: G. Robinson 3, C. Bown, C. Prowse 2, J. Ardanaz
SB: M. Jorgenson 2, A. Cherry 3
Picked Off: C. Bown
Gastown Gaolers
T. Kuo3.03001400.00
R. Hess2.0810613121.00
D. McVeigh0.01000000.00
HBP: R. Hess
Mt. Pleasant Murder
H. Fenton3.06540609.33
M. Jorgenson3.01100700.00
A. Cherry1.01000200.00
HBP: M. Jorgenson
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