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@ Brawlers

  • Sunrise Park 1950 Windermere Street Vancouver, BC, V5M 3R2 Canada (map)
Strathcona Stevedores at Clark Park Brawlers
Jun 3, 2017123456789RHE
Strathcona Stevedores (5-0)02510201093
Clark Park Brawlers (0-5)2002100562
W: M. Cuellar L: T. Loh
Scoring Summary
CP1S. Mason singles to LF. H. Abreu scores01
CP1M. Sussman scores on wild pitch02
STR2C. Dumont scores on error12
STR2T. Phillips singles to LF. N. Holt scores22
STR3K. Wood singles to LF. J. Cuellar scores32
STR3M. Cuellar scores on passed ball42
STR3N. Holt singles to CF. K. Wood scores52
STR3T. Phillips triples to CF. C. Dumont scores, N. Holt scores72
STR4E. Garcia flies out to LF. S. Cuen scores82
CP4M. Sutherland scores on error83
CP4C. Mizzoni singles to P. S. Mason scores84
CP5K. Ford doubles to LF. M. Lottridge scores85
STR6T. Phillips scores on passed ball95
STR6J. Cuellar grounds out to 2B. B. Cuellar scores105
Strathcona Stevedores
J. Cuellar4111000.250
M. Cuellar4110010.250
K. Wood4131000.750
C. Dumont3210100.333
N. Holt3211110.333
A. Binder4000010.000
T. Phillips21231001.000
S. Cuen2100010.000
B. Cuellar1100200.000
E. Garcia 1001110.000
2B: C. Dumont
3B: T. Phillips
SF: E. Garcia
HBP: S. Cuen
RBI: N. Holt, J. Cuellar, K. Wood, T. Phillips 3, E. Garcia
SB: N. Holt 2, S. Cuen, B. Cuellar, K. Wood, T. Phillips 3, C. Dumont
Clark Park Brawlers
B. Wilson3000020.000
H. Abreu2110110.500
M. Sutherland2100120.000
M. Sussman2100110.000
S. Mason3121010.667
C. Mizzoni10111001.000
A. Harrison1000110.000
C. Callaghan2010100.500
K. Harvey3000010.000
M. Lottridge2100010.000
K. Ford3011000.333
T. Loh2000000.000
2B: K. Ford
HBP: A. Harrison, C. Mizzoni
RBI: K. Ford, C. Mizzoni, S. Mason
SB: H. Abreu, M. Sutherland, C. Mizzoni, S. Mason
CS: C. Mizzoni
Strathcona Stevedores
M. Cuellar3.01224504.67
T. Phillips2.05322307.00
B. Cuellar2.00000200.00
HBP: B. Cuellar 2
WP: M. Cuellar
Clark Park Brawlers
T. Loh2.177734021.00
C. Callaghan2.01100000.00
M. Sutherland2.01213103.50
HBP: C. Callaghan
WP: C. Callaghan, M. Sutherland 2
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Later Event: June 6
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