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VS Isotopes

  • Sunrise Park 1950 Windermere Street Vancouver, BC, V5M 3R2 Canada (map)
Vancouver Isotopes at Strathcona Stevedores
Jul 11, 2017123456789RHE
Vancouver Isotopes (6-6)202530012113
Strathcona Stevedores (10-2)1301201873
W: R. Gauthier L: N. Holt
Scoring Summary
VAN1R. Gauthier doubles to RF. B. McConnell scores10
VAN1A. Williamson reaches on error. R. Gauthier scores20
STR1J. Cuellar singles to CF. B. Cuellar scores21
STR2N. Holt scores on passed ball22
STR2D. Sheepwash doubles to LF. S. Cuen scores23
STR2D. Sheepwash scores on wild pitch24
VAN3G. Beamish steals home34
VAN3E. Wansbrough singles to 3B. B. McConnell scores44
VAN4D. Hossack walks, D. McCulloch scores54
VAN4K. Sheldan doubles to CF. S. Mohan scores, J. Wheeler scores, D. Hossack scores84
VAN4J. White singles to LF. K. Sheldan scores94
STR4D. Sheepwash grounds out to P. M. Cazares scores95
VAN5R. Gauthier doubles to CF. R. Lowe scores, G. Beamish scores115
VAN5E. Wansbrough sacrifies flies to CF. R. Gauthier scores125
STR5C. Dumont grounds out to SS. J. Cuellar scores126
STR5T. Phillips reaches on error. K. Wright scores127
STR7K. Wright homers to RF128
Vancouver Isotopes
B. McConnell4220000.500
R. Gauthier4223010.500
E. Wansbrough2012010.500
A. Williamson3011000.333
D. McCulloch1100110.000
S. Mohan2100120.000
J. Wheeler1100010.000
D. Hossack2101120.000
K. Sheldan3113020.333
J. White3011010.333
R. Lowe2110000.500
G. Beamish22201001.000
2B: B. McConnell, K. Sheldan, R. Gauthier 2, G. Beamish
SF: E. Wansbrough
HBP: R. Lowe, J. Wheeler 2
RBI: J. White, D. Hossack, E. Wansbrough 2, A. Williamson, K. Sheldan 3, R. Gauthier 3
SB: B. McConnell, R. Lowe, S. Mohan, A. Williamson 2, J. Wheeler, D. McCulloch 3, R. Gauthier
Strathcona Stevedores
B. Cuellar2100200.000
J. Cuellar3111100.333
K. Wright3211111.333
C. Dumont4021000.500
T. Phillips4001020.000
N. Holt3100120.000
M. Cazares4100030.000
S. Cuen3111010.333
D. Sheepwash2112000.500
M. Cuellar3010000.333
2B: S. Cuen, C. Dumont, D. Sheepwash
HR: K. Wright
RBI: S. Cuen, J. Cuellar, T. Phillips, K. Wright, C. Dumont, D. Sheepwash 2
SB: N. Holt, S. Cuen, J. Cuellar, K. Wright 2, C. Dumont, M. Cazares
Vancouver Isotopes
B. McConnell2.02313203.50
R. Gauthier3.02312402.33
R. Lowe2.03110313.50
WP: R. Lowe, R. Gauthier
Strathcona Stevedores
K. Wright3.05430607.00
N. Holt0.0155300INF
B. Cuellar2.033314010.50
M. Cuellar1.02000100.00
HBP: N. Holt, B. Cuellar 2
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