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@ Spikers

  • Sunrise Park 1950 Windermere Street Vancouver, BC, V5M 3R2 Canada (map)
Sunset Stilettos at Railtown Spikers
Jun 13, 2017123456789RHE
Sunset Stilettos (0-6)3020000575
Railtown Spikers (4-3)405552x21170
W: Z. Nash L: B. Nelms
Scoring Summary
SET1L. Botteron singles to LF. A. Solomonian scores10
SET1B. Nelms doubles to LF. J. Green scores, L. Botteron scores30
RT1A. Monaghan scores on error31
RT1K. Bryan singles to RF. E. Rasmusson scores32
RT1N. Morris reaches on dropped 3rd strike. K. Bryan scores33
RT1N. Morris scores on passed ball34
SET3N. Miskin singles to 2B. D. Tremblay (R) scores44
SET3J. Lawley singles to P. N. Miskin scores54
RT3E. Rasmusson singles to 2B. S. Hamid scores55
RT3N. Morris homers to LF. E. Rasmusson scores, G. Nickel scores, K. Bryan scores59
RT4A. DeVries scores on wild pitch510
RT4T. Nabess singles to CF. D. Coletta scores511
RT4A. Fedorchuk hit by pitch. Z. Nash scores512
RT4S. Hamid singles to SS. I. Webster scores, A. Fedorchuk scores514
RT5N. Morris hit by pitch. E. Rasmusson scores515
RT5A. DeVries walks. G. Nickel scores516
RT5K. Bryan, N. Morris, score on error518
RT5T. Nabess singles to 2B. A. DeVries scores519
RT6S. Hamid singles to RF. I. Webster scores520
RT6S. Hamid scores on wild pitch521
Sunset Stilettos
A. Solomonian1100010.000
J. Green2110110.500
N. Miskin3111010.333
L. Botteron3121010.667
J. Lawley3011020.333
J. Smiglicki2000020.000
B. Nelms3012000.333
S. Wills3000030.000
M. Watkins10101001.000
J. Walters1000100.000
T. Verney2000000.000
D. Tremblay (R)2100120.000
2B: B. Nelms
HBP: A. Solomonian, J. Smiglicki
RBI: J. Lawley, N. Miskin, L. Botteron, B. Nelms 2
SB: N. Miskin, M. Watkins
Railtown Spikers
A. Monaghan4130000.750
E. Rasmusson23212001.000
G. Nickel4220000.500
K. Bryan13112001.000
N. Morris2316011.500
A. DeVries2211100.500
D. Coletta3100030.000
Z. Nash2110000.500
T. Nabess30320001.000
I. Webster2210110.500
D. Letto2000110.000
A. Fedorchuk2101020.000
S. Hamid22231001.000
2B: A. Monaghan
HBP: Z. Nash, N. Morris, A. Fedorchuk
HR: N. Morris
RBI: S. Hamid 3, K. Bryan, E. Rasmusson, N. Morris 6, A. DeVries, A. Fedorchuk, T. Nabess 2
SB: K. Bryan, Z. Nash, I. Webster, N. Morris, A. DeVries 2, T. Nabess, A. Monaghan 3
CS: T. Nabess, A. Monaghan
Sunset Stilettos
B. Nelms2.169844124.00
L. Botteron1.19101023052.50
S. Wills1.022221014.00
HBP: L. Botteron 3
WP: S. Wills 3, L. Botteron 3, B. Nelms 4
Railtown Spikers
A. DeVries2.023322010.50
Z. Nash2.05222307.00
K. Bryan2.00000600.00
A. Monaghan1.00000200.00
HBP: A. DeVries 2
WP: Z. Nash
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