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VS Cosmos

  • Sunrise Park 1950 Windermere Street Vancouver, BC, V5M 3R2 Canada (map)
Sunrise Cosmos at Sunset Stilettos
Jul 22, 2017123456789RHE
Sunrise Cosmos (10-5)03121209100
Sunset Stilettos (2-13)22110017103
W: S. Fogden L: C. Lambert-Brown
Scoring Summary
SET1N. Miskin doubles to CF. L. Botteron scores01
SET1A. Solomonian singles to CF. N. Miskin scores02
COS2C. Overgaauw homers to RF. S. Newton scores22
COS2P. Lapchinski scores on wild pitch32
SET2D. Fournier singles to CF. C. Lambert-Brown scores, L. Botteron scores34
COS3B. Dyck grounds out to P. R. Watt scores44
SET3T. Gillespie singles to LF. J. Lawley scores45
COS4J. Siddall singles to RF. G. McKenna scores, S. Michoulas scores65
SET4D. Fournier singles to SS. L. Botteron scores66
COS5S. Fogden scores on wild pitch76
COS6R. Watt triples to RF. P. Lapchinski scores, G. McKenna scores96
SET7M. Serrano hit by pitch. N. Miskin scores97
Sunrise Cosmos
R. Watt4132000.750
J. Siddall3012110.333
B. Dyck4011000.250
S. Fogden3000010.000
S. Newton2100210.000
C. Overgaauw3112011.333
P. Lapchinski2210010.500
G. McKenna2210100.500
S. Michoulas3110020.333
K. Fogden3000010.000
2B: S. Fogden
3B: R. Watt
HR: C. Overgaauw
HBP: P. Lapchinski
RBI: B. Dyck, C. Overgaauw 2, J. Siddall 2, R. Watt 2
SB: B. Dyck, S. Fogden, P. Lapchinski 3, S. Newton 2, J. Siddall
Sunset Stilettos
L. Botteron33300001.000
D. Fournier4023010.500
N. Miskin3221100.667
A. Solomonian4011020.250
S. Wills4000010.000
M. Watkins1000000.000
J. Lawley2100220.000
M. Serrano2001120.000
T. Gillespie3011010.333
C. Lambert-Brown3110010.333
2B: N. Miskin
HBP: T. Gillespie, M. Serrano, L. Botteron, M. Watkins 3
RBI: A. Solomonian, N. Miskin, T. Gillespie, M. Serrano, D. Fournier 3
SB: J. Lawley 2, C. Lambert-Brown, N. Miskin 2, T. Gillespie, M. Serrano, L. Botteron 2, M. Watkins
CS: M. Watkins
Sunrise Cosmos
B. Dyck2.074404014.00
C. Overgaauw2.03222107.00
S. Fogden3.00112502.33
HBP: B. Dyck, S. Fogden 5
Sunset Stilettos
S. Wills2.023321110.50
C. Lambert-Brown3.06431407.00
D. Fournier2.02222207.00
HBP: D. Fournier
WP: S. Wills, C. Lambert-Brown, D. Fournier
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